Campaign Map!

Hey yall,

Just wrapping up a new Campaign map for the Mediterranean, and wanted to share our progress.  We’ve got a handful of encounters already hooked up to this campaign, and we’re taking a look now at the difficulty and balance of the maps.  Here’s a shot of the new Campaign Map:


So this is one of the first screens you’ll see during this campaign.  I’ve put a rudimentary unit management screen on the map as well, where you can purchase and upgrade units, and requisition new equipment.  Expect this screen to contain a lot more sub-menus and buttons as we pack in more customization to the campaign.

At this point, you can scroll around the map, zoom into areas, plot your campaign route, and engage the enemy.  Next step is to add the additional customization menus, and nail down an appropriate campaign length for this region.   Til next time!

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