Unit Selection

Hey all!  We’ve been hard at work on SRC, and have made some changes to how the player selects units on the battlefield.

Initially, we required you to click the unit, then click the direction you wanted to move.  This became too hectic with dozens of units on screen, so we started streamlining the process using hotkeys and more assistance logic.  I think we’re approaching something that’s starting to feel organic —  here are some of the new methods to grab units:

  • Select Next / Previous Unit:  Select the unit to the left or right of the currently selected unit, along the same battle lane (your depth position within the landscape).
  • Select All of a Type:  Select all units on your current battle lane of the currently selected type.  Select all Centurions!  For example..
  • Select All Units!:  As it says, selects every unit on the current battle lane.  Good for quick evasive/panic maneuvers.
  • Box Select: Quickly drag a box around any assortment of units to group select them.
grabbing four units

grabbing four units

Then once the player has the units selected, they can order basic movement commands (back, forward, halt, up and down (when available)), and combat commands.  We are going to let this unit handling method percolate, and see how well it scales to some of the grander, more complex maps.  It’s important to give you flexibility in how you command your troops, but to avoid over complicating the process and losing a whole legion in a panic.   That can and will happen!

But that’s a topic for another time.  Thanks for reading!

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